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Who We Are
"Our hearts stay young if we let them." -- Pretty Shield, Absaroke tribe

Tracy Vroom

Tracy received her BFA in fine arts from Iowa State University and then went to New York City to pursue a career in publishing. Tracy Vroom founded The CranioConnection after leaving her 15 year career to pursue her life's work with animals. She grew up on a farm in Iowa surrounded by animals of all kinds and today loves sharing her passion and making a difference in the lives of animals and their humans.

Her experience with animals has taught her that the best results for optimal health and performance are achieved when the animal has a collaborative support team and their owner/rider is involved in the process.

Tracy's role in the process is to apply her gentle, hands-on therapies to clear the body's information channels, activate the body's self-healing mechanisms, and support the integration of the changes from the other team members for long-term results. Tracy connects with each animal as an individual and has a keen ability for observing the body as a whole, taking into account the animal's current state and history, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She also strongly believes in sharing information and tools with the animal's caretaker and empowering people is a huge part of why she loves this work.

Tracy has taught and studied with world-renowned pioneers in complementary and holistic medicine. Her blended approach integrates an impressive range of certifications, including, craniosacral therapy for horses and companion animals (highest level of Upledger and Milne-based techniques); Equine Body Work (specialty in sports massage, biomechanics, and movement); the Tellington TTouch Method; Shamanism; and Reiki. She is constantly furthering her studies with continuing education courses, and Tracy maintains that animals have been her most profound teachers.

She is a frequently sought after subject expert, mentor, speaker, and educator. Tracy co-teaches certification classes for craniosacral work and the Tellington TTouch Method and lectures at universities and private training facilities across the country.

Tracy has a lifetime of experience in volunteering for a wide variety animal-focused organizations. Her current involvement includes: dog and horse rescue groups, therapeutic riding and seeing-eye dog programs, 4H education, animal shelters, and a wild horse sanctuary.

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